Ziba Premier Africa

Our vision is to be the largest agro processor and exporter of agriculture commodities and edible oils using sustainable means, while maintaining uncompromisingly ethical standards, creating jobs and improving livelihoods across the value chain in Africa.

About Us

At Ziba Premier Africa, we manufacture and export food products globally reducing food wastage locally and contributing nutritious food ingredients at affordable prices .

We have built a solid network of suppliers, farmers , wholesale distributors, agents and via this network have created seasonal and permanent jobs for many individuals.

What WE DO

We utilise the highest quality raw materials to produce superior quality products for the international market and maintain a presence in all of our communities in Nigeria for access to the best nuts.

We partner with local health and education authorities when implementing programmes for the benefit of rural households, local and national economy via capacity building, access to financial services, equipment and we also provide market linkage services with private companies. 

Partner with Us


Ziba Premier Africa ensures that all involves in our value chain earn fair wages and live prosperous lives. We remain committed to improving the lives of the communities where we maintain our primary processing facilities.

We also provide sourcing and procurement services for other agro commodities such as Palm oil, Coconut oil, Dried Hibiscus, Ginger, Sesame seeds and many more.

In Nigeria, shea butter is fondly associated with several local names kaɗanya in Hausa, òkwùmá in Igbo, òrí in Yoruba, and globally cherished and acclaimed for its wide array of properties and uses.

Our Partners

Premium quality

Ziba Premier Africa’s Shea Butter is 100% natural and rich in Vitamins A, E, F and K and luxuriously rich in fatty acids.


WE work in collaboration with a vastly experienced logistics and & freight forwarding companies to deliver our products in excellent condition globally.

Why Shea Butter

Shea butter is used because of its parallels in fat constitution to cocoa butter as a (Cocoa Butter Equivalent CBE) utilised in dairy products and in the chocolate industry.